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50 Passenger Party Bus

We tell our customers (and we’re often told too) that taking our 50-passenger party bus feels like taking a huge showroom limousine on the road. Why? Simple – the largest vehicle in our fleet comes decked out with loads of goodies and prioritizes comfort over everything else.

Plush, decadent, luxury couches mixed with booths (boasting an intricate charcoal & black pattern) surrounded by graphite tile flooring.

Sit back and relax or jump on the dance floor (there’s plenty of space for both) and get your booze on! Pole is optional.

50 Passenger Party Bus

We often describe our 50-seater party bus as a massive limousine, housing a showroom that can be taken out on the road.

This is the largest vehicle in our fleet, so of course we have all the necessary equipment.

Goods at maximum capacity and, not to mention, quality.

With the extravagantly plush luxury couches mixed with black and charcoal pattern booths and the surrounding graphite tile flooring, you’ve just got to sit back and relax, or maybe even jump onto the dance floor in the middle, because there’s plenty of room. The pole is optional.

Has it been awhile since you and your employees had a good outing or your family hasn’t gotten together in ages? Then you’d be enthralled to learn about this option of ours.

Yes, it can actually hold up to 50 people!

You’d need to have a great party with all the necessary equipment.

We sure know how to put a party on a bus!

Our ceilings and floors are fiber optics, fitted with a quality surround sound system and fully controllable TVs.

If you are in need of a cool and stylish mode of transportation for your group, give us a call. This vehicle has more than 30+ 5 star reviews in the category of wedding party transportation alone. We recommend you go check out our reviews on Yelp and WeddingWire to learn more.

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