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Holiday Light NYC

Is it time to re-ignite that fiery holiday light spirit of yours with the holiday season around the corner?

Limoproms is well and alive, ready to rock this holiday Light season. If you are looking for a way to jump in on this fun time, we at have got this handled for you.

The decorations in this Brooklyn neighborhood have gotten bigger and brighter every year since the custom began in the 1980s. Now, Holiday Light NYC or Dyker Heights is well known for its extravagant holiday displays and draws hundreds of tourists each year. Life-size Santas, snowmen, trees, and other Christmas decorations may be seen as you stroll through the streets and pass one house after another. Christmas carols are playing from outside speakers to top the extravagant decorations themselves. What else could possibly make you feel festive if that?

A trip to Dyker Heights during the holiday season is a must because it has some of the most dazzling New York Christmas Lights. The week following Thanksgiving, the modest neighborhood begins to resemble a quaint Christmas hamlet. While you are free to explore the enormous light shows on your own, we can set you up with an engaging guided tour so you can take in the highlights and make the most of your experience.

Since the tradition started in the 1980s, the decorations in this Brooklyn neighborhood have gotten bigger and brighter every year. Nowadays, Dyker Heights attracts hundreds of tourists each year because to its lavish holiday displays. While strolling through the streets and passing one house after another, you may observe life-size Santas, snowmen, trees, and other Christmas decorations. To top off the magnificent decorations themselves, Christmas carols are playing through outside speakers. What else could you possible do to be joyful than that?

Because Dyker Heights features some of the most gorgeous New York Christmas Lights, a visit there during the holidays is a need. The tiny neighborhood starts to resemble a sleepy Christmas hamlet the week after Thanksgiving. You are welcome to explore the massive light displays on your own, but we can arrange for you to join an interesting guided tour so you can see the best parts and get the most out of your visit.