Limoproms Party Buses

Holidays and Good Times

Are you in dire need of a break away from your work-life, the one that has been stressing you out and taking up all your time recently?

If this is your case, here’s to a weekend full of refreshing and revitalizing experiences, sponsored by because you definitely
deserve it!

Welcome to our weekend getaway and local excursions bus tour.

Maintain views the Poconos Mountains, Fantasy Forest Amusement Park, seaside and concerts, national and state parks, historical landmarks and state capitols, natural preservation lands, and cultural events.

Mansions, caverns, monuments, all kinds of theme parks, and zoos there’s more where that came from.

Get a chance to rejuvenate yourself with the luxury provided by our vehicles, full of safety and comfort. All our buses are family-friendly, so no smoking! We have also installed top-quality seatbelts for that extra layer of protection. Who doesn’t want that?

Dive into this once-in-a lifetime opportunity to create new fun memories that you will be sure to remember for years to come.

We are ready to make your happiness our top priority if you are ready to sit back and relax while spending your weekend off near the tallest mountains or another backcountry location.

Here’s to you. Let’s get you on that bus to your happy place, with no stressors around to taunt you! we guarantee you’ll have the most revitalizing time of your life.

Call us today to book yours and let that wondrous weekend slide into your lap as we handle the rest.