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Pizza Tour

Who here likes pizza Tour! We are hoping that’s everyone!

Pizza is an Italian meal that is typically circular, has a flat foundation made of leavened wheat dough, is covered with tomatoes, cheese, and frequently other ingredients, and is baked at a high temperature, traditionally in a wood-fired oven. A pizzetta is another name for a small pizza.

Here at, we guarantee you an exciting experience filled with extra toppings of cheese and flavorful sauces with our pizza tour.

Our pizza is curated by an Italian chef and pizza expert. Our pizza, too, guarantees a taste of the best pizza in the house from all New York’s finest pizza parlors.

You’ll be driven in the most luxurious way possible, with extreme comfort for you and extreme pleasure for your taste buds. With all the great options to choose from, it would be nearly impossible to choose a favorite. Your taste buds will be in love with the flavors you’ll get to taste.

New York City’s pizza is renowned nowadays. On the Best Pizza Tour, Limoproms has arranged for you to visit roughly 30 well-known pizzerias in New York.

Get in touch with us to sample the best pizza flavors in New York.

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