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Yummy Food and Drink

Food is vital to life!” It is one of the finest quotations on which the entire race can all agree. Join us on our LIMOPROMS  Yummy Food  TOUR to appreciate the pure joy of the delectable world of food. We can all agree that food is the motivating factor… Tours of Wineries

Want to grab a ride on an exciting wine tour around Limoproms?

With our Wine Tours, we are prepared to provide you with an unforgettable experience. We will take you and your cheerful party around vineyards in the Limoproms area.

There are 38 wineries, give or take, located over the North Fork and Shinn State vineyard districts that are within your reach.

We provide the greatest wine tasting experiences in town, ranging from informal to sophisticated.

This allows you to participate in their wine tastings, which will undoubtedly improve your wine tasting palette.

Allow us to expose you to the region’s wonderful wines.

In our big and luxurious, accommodation would not be an issue.

Call us now to learn more about our wine excursions in New York City and the surrounding areas.